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Tracey Spicer


Female Entrepreneurship

About Tracey


Sydney-based Tracey Spicer AM is a proud advocate for women in the workplace. For years, she has worked hard to expose gender inequalities in the workplace, utilising her journalistic know-how to ensure these practices became known. Tracey is considered a major contributor to the changing standards in Australia, calling not only for equality, but also the exposing of toxic and abusive practices in the business world. Although the path to equality has been tough at times, Tracey has a passion for the cause, and she hopes to see a world where all people are treated equally.

This passion is one of the driving forces behind Tracey Spicer’s journalistic career. Throughout the years, she has participated in the production and presentation of several documentaries which highlight the lives of women in several countries around the world. While Tracey often highlights issues in Australia, she has a desire to provide a platform to amplify voices around the world. There are many structural barriers facing women and girls in the developing world. Tracey wants to bring these concerns to the forefront in order to create positive change.

Part of the reason why Tracey Spicer is so personally passionate about helping women is due to her own experiences as a journalist. Tracey overcame many obstacles to get to where she is today, and she hopes to provide inspiration and hope to the lives of girls and women, both in journalism and other fields. Over time, Tracey has worked on many notable projects, including her own book (The Good Girl Stripped Bare), a TEDx Talk entitled “The Lady Stripped Bare”, and essays that were published in several books. Tracey hopes that by diversifying her work, she is able to reach more people in order to accomplish her goals.

While Tracey Spicer aims to utilise her platform as often as she can, she also wants to help up-and-coming women feel empowered in their own careers. This mission gave her the idea to start mentoring female journalists who are early in their careers. Tracey believes that these women could continue to fight for equality, and that by mentoring them, she is able to impart the wisdom that could help them progress toward their goals. Tracey is proud of each person she mentors, and looks forward to seeing how they change the culture in workplaces in the coming years.

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